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Call for Abstracts

Oral Presentation
Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in duration. Some presentations may be allocated to a plenary session; others will be part of concurrent sessions.

Poster/Storyboard Presentation
A poster or storyboard presentation is a graphic presentation of a topic. Posters / Storyboards may use an A3 thinking format to share the work. Posters will be displayed during the two-day event. A plenary session on day two will feature the best posters. Posters should be no larger than 4 feet (H) x 3.8 feet (W)

Conference Theme
Understanding How We Improve Together

Abstract Submission Deadline
Wednesday July 3, 2019

General Guidelines for Submissions
• An abstract of a maximum of 250 words should be submitted
• The Lean Healthcare Conference organizers are seeking original work with definitive outcomes.
• The preferred headings for abstracts are:
    o Problem / Background
    o Goals
    o Current State and Analysis
    o Future State
    o Outcomes
    o Key Learnings
Abstracts using an alternative structure of headings will also be considered.
• It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure that the abstract is submitted correctly
• Include the names of all authors in your application
• Where there are co-authors, only one abstract is to be submitted. The presenting author is responsible for ensuring the co-authors agree with and are aware of the content before submitting the abstract
• The Lean Healthcare Conference Organizers will not be held responsible for submission errors caused by internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events

Please provide the following information:

Please do not include your abstract title or author names in the abstract box as this will be recorded in the online application directly below.

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